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*High temp. 300*Low temp.-100
*High pressure 5.5MPa *High vacuum 1.0mmHg

Our Hot Items

*  "Me-too" new drugs developmentAPI advanced intermediates

    (Avoid current patent) ----Key intermediates for Sartan series, tatin series,

    Liptin series, Dipine Series, Tinib series etc. 

    (For example: Rosuvastatin key intermediates )
*   Polypeptide derivatives---Glatiramer,Liraglutide for R&D etc.                             

*   Prostaglandin Derivatives---Cloprostenol Key intermediates etc.
*   Heterocyclic Compound----Pyridine Derivatives with Fluoride etc.
*   Multi-step synthesis skills including chiral compound( more than 15 steps ) and 

    Scale-up in KG and Process Optimization.
*   PEG Chemistry: PEGylation drugs
(4-Arm-PEG-Gyl-Irinotecan and 

    PEG-  Naloxone),PEG conjugates and proteins for long term controlled released drugs.
*   Drug delivery system: Block copolymers and "proof-of-concept" for uses in DDS;

    (For  example: Lipids)