Reveal Three "directory" In The Anti-tumor Adjuvant

- Apr 07, 2016 -

In terms of time, national health care list latest version released first, in 2009. List of new rural cooperative medicine in General is in province developed universal provinces last updated 2009-2013. Country based drug list of the latest version is the year 2012. National negotiation list of medicines is the most recent list of 2015 successful negotiations, beginning in 2016.

Thus, nearly five years of antitumor drugs listed could be preferred will be negotiated to use drugs. First pilot drugs there are 5, 4 2 disease medicine is the treatment of cancer, namely the ARO for dasatinib (Roche), IKE for dasatinib (Bayda, Zhejiang), treatment of patients with multiple myeloma lenalidomide (xinji medicine) and gefitinib in treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer (AstraZeneca), belonged to the therapeutic use of drugs.

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