My First "font Size" Anticancer Drugs Graduated Students

- Apr 07, 2016 -

Recently, the first 4, Henan province, "National Guard Planning Commission training clinical pharmacists" students of anticancer drugs in Henan provincial tumor hospital after a year of standardized training, successfully passed the official completion of the assessment. Luo Suxia assessment team leader, Deputy Director of the hospital, State Health Planning Commission designated expert Qin Yuhua du test, pharmaceutical Department Director Zhao Xiuli hosted evaluation.

"Clinical pharmacists in China training base construction began in 2006, and is used in one-years of college training model. Initially only 19 national training base, base with anticancer drug professional teaching qualifications are few and far between. "Luo Suxia, said September 2014, Henan provincial tumor hospital approved antitumor drugs national health planning Commission training base for clinical pharmacists and students nationwide, make up the blank with no professional training of anticancer drugs in Henan province, becoming the country's few professional approved anticancer drugs one of the Cancer Hospital clinical pharmacist training base.

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