Korean Pharmaceutical Companies ICURE Research To Develop Donepezil Patch

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Korean pharmaceutical companies "ICURE" research to develop donepezil patch

The global pharmaceutical industry with the innovative new drug research and development difficult, the government's strict control, the fierce competition between enterprises into the inflection point. In 2014 the world pharmaceutical market size of $ 27.22 billion (8.4% increase over the same period last year), breaking the $ 1 trillion. But in fact the pharmaceutical industry growth rate gradually decreased in the second half of 2000 up to 7-8% growth rate in 2012 recorded a minimum growth rate of 3.0%. At present, the pharmaceutical industry is in urgent need of a new development momentum and a new breakthrough point. The following describes the differentiation strategy, the unique dosage form, to create a unique competitive advantage of the pharmaceutical company ICURE.

"Donepezil patch single product target sales of more than 1 trillion yuan" is South Korea ICURE (Cui Yongquan chairman) on the unique technology development and development of Alzheimer's disease treatment agent "Donepezil (Donepezil)" patch The value of the evaluation.

Exelon Patch (Deqing) patch annual sales of 130 million yuan, we can see that the goal of one trillion yuan is fully achievable. Initially selling donepezil (brand name: Anisheng ARICEPT) of Japan's Eisai (Eisai), the major pharmaceutical companies and other challenges to develop Donepezil (Donepezil) patch, have failed. Donepezil (Donepezil) composition of the physical properties and chemical properties of the characteristics of the design into a patch type is very difficult. But ICURE to a long time accumulation of pharmaceutical technology and dosage technology, successfully developed the patch-type donepezil (Donepezil). Currently in various countries to do three clinical trials. Through the three clinical trials, is expected to begin in the end of 2019 will be officially sold.

Donepezil is the most commonly used drug in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Donepezil's sales in the world reached $ 3.6 billion in 2011, with a huge market. After the emergence of generic drugs decreased by a portion, but the use of continuous growth, the annual growth rate of 2.5%. With the increase in the elderly population, dementia, Alzheimer's patients continue to grow, the annual growth rate of 10% or more, Donepezil (Donepezil) market is also growing.

Donepezil patches have many advantages over oral agents. First, the use of convenience, the existing oral medication needs to take every day, ICURE research and development of the patch can be posted twice a week. For patients with reduced memory, it is difficult to swallow the drug Alzheimer's disease is a very convenient dosage form. Second, reduce the side effects of drugs. The elimination of oral administration of the initial concentration of blood and the emergence of various side effects, and the drug penetrate into the skin, to avoid taking oral agents caused by gastrointestinal side effects. Third, expect the effect of treatment increased. The drug absorbs up to the percutaneous absorption, avoids the first effect of the liver, overcomes the low bioavailability of oral agents, prolongs the efficacy, regulates the plasma concentration.

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