The Functions Of L-Glutathione Reduced In Beauty

- Sep 08, 2017 -

The functions of L-Glutathione reduced in beauty

1.Light spot, remove spot, anti-wrinkles

Melanin precipitation is an important reason leading to long skin spots, glutathione to inhibit melanin production, decomposition of the existing melanin, to prevent the formation of melanin precipitation, a comprehensive fight against melanin, so as to prevent the generation of stains, and gradually remove the original color spot.


2.Enhance skin elasticity

Continuous glutathione supplementation, can provide a good growth environment for neonatal muscle cells. So the skin epidermal cells in the proportion of newborn cells increased, there is a good comprehensive moisturizing effect, so that muscle cells more healthy. The skin drink enough water, get rid of the yellow gas, it will become more Huanen flexible.


3.Comprehensive anti-aging

Glutathione can effectively delay cell senescence and accelerate cell regeneration. Thus delaying the aging process of the whole body. Supplementation of glutathione can increase or contribute to secretion (auxin) of human growth hormone, which can regulate the reduction of telomere shortening, prolong cell life, and effective anti - aging.


4.Liver protection, detoxification, liver protection

The liver is the most abundant organ of glutathione in the human body and the most important detoxification organ. Glutathione can be combined to exclude the body of heavy metals and carcinogenic substances, so that its toxicity is inhibited, glutathione and toxins bind to extracellular decomposition, into the bile and urine discharge. Can effectively remove the body of toxins, liver and liver protection.


5.Enhance human immunity

To maintain the normal work of the immune system, immune cells must be fully activated differentiation, and glutathione is playing immune cells fully activated and differentiation of this role. Add enough glutathione to enhance immunity, can be more to protect our health from extrinsic pathogenic substances of aggression.

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