What do you need to pay attention Latanoprost CAS:130209-82-4 eye drops?

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Latanoprost CAS:130209-82-4 eye drops are a kind of prostaglandin lowering intraocular pressure drugs, by increasing the extracorporeal extracorporeal blood flow, to reduce the effect of intraocular pressure. Because of its significant antihypertensive effect and safety, widely used in clinical practice, therefore, a correct understanding of the attention of latanoprost eye drops is particularly important! Here, for you to introduce.

1. Adult (including the elderly) Recommended dose: 1 day, 1 drop, drops in the eye. Use the best night effect

2. can not be used more than once a day, because the increase in the number of medication will reduce the effect of lowering intraocular pressure.

3. If you forget medication, in the next medication should still be prescribed medication.

4. If you need to use other ophthalmic drugs, at least 5 minutes interval medication.

5. With the same eye drops, each eye should be pressed after the eye socket dacry the ball 1 minute to reduce the systemic absorption (occlusion tears)

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