IVERMECTIN CAS NO.: 70288-86-7

IVERMECTIN CAS NO.: 70288-86-7

Sinoway Industrial Co.,Ltd is a famous China IVERMECTIN CAS No.:70288-86-7 manufacturer and supplier, welcome to buy GMP and EP IVERMECTIN CAS No.:70288-86-7 from us and check the price with us. Basic information of Ivermectin: Use of Ivermectin: For veterinary use Antibiotics COA ofIvermectin:

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Basic information of Ivermectin:

IVERMECTIN CAS No.:70288-86-7





Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



Package Size

For small quantity: Double plastic bag inside ,Aluminum foil bag outside

For commercial quantity: 25kg fiber drum & Aluminum tin

Brief Introduction

Ivermectinis a medication that is effective against many types ofparasites.It is used to treathead lice,scabies,river blindness,[4]strongyloidiasis,andlymphatic filariasis, among others.It can be either applied to the skin or taken by mouth. The eyes should be avoided.[

Common side effects includered eyes, dry skin, and burning skin.It is unclear if it is safe for use duringpregnancybut is likely okay duringbreastfeeding.It is in theavermectinfamily of medications, which work by causing themembraneofinvertebratenerve and muscle cells to become more permeable to chloride ions, resulting in paralysis and death

Use of Ivermectin:

For veterinary use


COA ofIvermectin:

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